Media Prowler

Creative Deliverables: Acceptable Content

Most email clients do not support all types of HTML content. Browsers are able to display scripts, animations, and complex navigation menus, while your typical email inbox is not built for this type of content. Browsers are often more up-to-date, allowing for the latest technologies. However, many of these elements, like Flash, Javascript, or HTML forms won't function correctly in most inboxes.

Please review below for accepted content.


The elements below are widely supported by most email clients.

● Static, table-based layouts
● HTML tables and nested tables
● Template widths up to 640px
● Simple, inline CSS
● Web-safe fonts


The elements below have limited support.

● Image Maps
● Embedded CSS

Background images: Background images don’t render in every email client, and may appear differently in mobile clients. We recommend against their use for live text, responsive emails.

Custom Web Fonts: If you plan on using custom fonts, we recommend a hosted image over live text. If an email client doesn’t support a web font used in your creative, our coding will replace it with a standard font.

Wide Layouts: Over 50% of people check their emails on their phones, so we recommend keeping your layout to a max width of 640 px. Anything wider will require additional scrolling and affect the success of your campaign.


The elements below are blocked by nearly all major email clients. Support is either extremely limited, or nonexistent.

● JavaScript
● iframes
● Flash
● Forms
● div layering

Embedded Audio & Video Our most often asked question, Autoplay and click-to-play media is only currently supported by one major email client, Apple Mail. It’s best to avoid embedded media. We would recommend a static image with a clickthrough to the hosted video online.

For images, we support all popular image file formats.

● .ai - Adobe Illustrator Document*
● .ps, .eps - PostScript File
● .jpg - JPEG Image
● .psd - Adobe Photoshop Image*
● .gif - GIF Image
● .png - PNG Image

*If you are sending a .psd or .ai file, please flatten, outline, or include your fonts with your files. Incompatible fonts will be replaced and may affect the look of your creative.

Adobe Acrobat Documents (.pdf) are accepted with caution. There can be some issues with .pdf documents, so please keep that in mind when deciding on creative file formats.

Microsoft Office files (.ppt, .doc, .xls, .pmd) are not compatible with our design team's systems. .Doc and .Docx files will be accepted only for body copy, and camera-ready .html code.

If you have any concerns or questions about a file format not listed, please send us your files and we will attempt to assist you to get them in the proper file format.